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Thu 22nd October 2020

Bespoke Ear Moulds - Whatever you require....

We have bespoke solutions for a range of applications. If you have a particular requirement, please contact us to discuss a suitable, tailored solution. Here is a small selection of our non-standard range:


Open fit custom ear moulds

A preferred alternative to the standard grommets supplied with open fitting aids. 3D digital manufacturing ensures a discreet, custom-made, optimum fit for open hearing systems. Manufacturing time is reduced when the scanned impressions are sent electronically.

Swim Plugs

An ideal choice for surfers and those undertaking watersports. Available in standard (2119) and floating silicone (2119F). 

Custom made I-player ear moulds

A very popular alternative choice for a multitude of personal monitoring requirements such as MP3 players. A comfortable, optimum fit is ensured, reducing background noise.

Custom made filtered noise protection

In line with recent awareness of the harm caused by excessive noise levels, the DLO noise plugs provide effective protection with a range of filters. Available in hard acrylic or silicone.

Presenters’ ear moulds

Broadcast presenters need to use these earpieces for Interruptible Foldback – the method of discreet real time communication from a programme director to a presenter.

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