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Mon 28th September 2020

Nano Screen Lacquer

Often cases of sensitivity are caused by the growth of bacteria which can cause
irritation and discomfort to the patient.

Reduces Bacterial Growth

Nano Screen Lacquer

Nano Screen Lacquer is an innovative coating for hard ear moulds which produces an extremely homogenous surface. This prevents adhesion and significantly reduces bacterial growth on the surface of the ear mould.

Nano Screen Lacquer is also available for silicone ear moulds.


Increased Strength

Nano-Structured Surface

The lacquer is evenly applied to the surface of the ear mould resin. This creates a homogenous surface structure, greatly increasing the strength of the ear mould compound.

There is minimal deviation on hardness and elastic modulus values in the compound throughout the whole ear mould.


Long Lasting

NanoScreen Chart

Nano Screen Lacquer is also available for silicone ear moulds.
NanoScreen Lacquer coated ear moulds offer:
Minimised adhesion of cerumen and other impurities.
Reduced bacterial growth on the ear mould surface.
Reduced irritation and inflammation of the skin.
A long-lasting, easily cleaned coating that does not wear.



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