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Mon 28th September 2020

Open Moulds - 2122

Available in Hard Acrylic and UV Acrylic.

The Downloads section contains our Brochure with information on our range of customisation options and a handy reference wallchart featuring all of the options shown below. If you would like further information on our Open Mould Type Ear Moulds, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A Type

Occluded Meatus - Meatus is cut away in order to accomodate the sound tube.

B Type

Meatus Intact - Meatal shape is retained with a large tapered vent parallel to the sound bore.

C Type

Meatus removed to Concha Level

D Type

Occluded Meatus with a very large parallel vent.

A1 Ring B1 Ring C1 Ring D1 Ring
A2 Gap B2 Gap C2 Gap D2 Gap
A3 Claw B3 Claw C3 Claw D3 Claw
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